First Quarter 2021

Happy New Year everyone! Here’s hoping and praying that 2021 will be a wonderful and HEALTHY year for all of us! During this time of Covid 19 our City Council meetings will be viewable via ZOOM. Here is the link: ViewCityCouncilMeeting. This link may change for each meeting so please check our City website: for updates.

Managing Growth

City Council is frequently asked how are we managing growth? Here is a very good resource that gives a progress review on how we manage growth: Managing-Growth.


In addition to this website, I also have a Facebook page: MauraforDistrict1. I have always believed in transparency and will answer any questions that District 1 residents have to the best of my ability. We also have a page on our Madison website that addresses these concerns: Transparency-101.

Mayor Finley Updates

January 1-10


I am very thankful to move into 2021 together, working hard for our citizens and community. I am very proud of the overall “product” the City of Madison provided in 2020, meeting this Pandemic head on. Thank you to each and every one of you for your efforts!

We have several items to share this week….her are just a few of the high lights;

·        Revenue reports total sales tax collections for the month of December, 2020 are up 3.29% over collections for the month of December, 2019 and year to date collections are up 15.81% over the same period last fiscal year. 

·        Public Works reports that the new extension of the Mill Creek Greenway is “complete and open.” There will be a few maintenance items that will be addressed this coming spring as the area dries up. Great job PW team!

·        Building numbers for the week; the permitting division created 81 permits and issued 88, the inspection division performed 133 inspections, and Code enforcement created 11 new cases and picked up 16 signs in the right of ways.

·        The Madison Baseball Association won the Dizzy Dean State Tournament bids for age groups 5-12.  The tournaments are scheduled to take place June 18-30, 2021 at Palmer Park.  Recreation is in the process of working with local hotels to keep as many teams as possible in Madison.

·        Due to COVID 19 issues causing a lack of lifeguards, staff had to close the pools in Dublin Park this week.  We have sent those exposed for testing.  If testing results come back negative, we plan on opening the pools on the normal schedule next week.  If not we will continue to have reduced hours.

·        The Dublin Park gym floor was stripped down to the wood and refinished.  This process took longer than planned due to the heat not functioning in the gym.

·        City Council Zoom – After learning some tough lessons in Zoom during the last council meeting, we have continued to make changes and improvements to the setup.  In addition, we had zoom meetings with staff at the City of Auburn and Tuscaloosa.  The both provided valuable ideas and pointers on what worked and what did not for their Cities.  We will be ready for a much better attempt on Monday, Jan. 11.

·        Court reports that there were 65 Cases Opened, 73 Cases Closed, and 10 Warrants Issued last week.

·        Madison Fire and Rescue conducted 40 Annual Fire Safety Inspections and 16 new Construction Inspections this week

·        Public Works continues to make great progress on the Lime Quarry widening and round-about projects.

·        City Officials had an informative and productive meeting with Ballcorps and Ralph Nelson. Ralph is scheduled to present to Council at the January 28th meeting, documenting the 2020 season and payments to the city and then discussing the upcoming 2021 season.

·        The Homeplace Park project has officially started and should be done by Summer’s end.

·        Steve Smith has officially started as City Administrator in the Mayor’s Office. Steve replace Marc Jacobson, another former City Councilman, and he will support me in managing day-today activities and larger projects.

As I close I would like to share an email that was sent from one of our employees to our Madison Fire and Rescue team…..I don’t think he will mind.

Good morning Chief Bailey,

     As you know, we had a large brush fire in the Stillwater Cove Subdivision yesterday that caused some property damage and threatened several houses.  This was my first time in 9 years as a resident to personally witness your team at work, and I am extremely impressed and proud.  Madison Fire and Rescue showed up quickly, in the range of 5-10 minutes from the call to 911.  They were well trained, well equipped, and truly concerned with the safety of every resident and property affected.  They quickly handled the fires in each yard, answered questions from residents, and then immediately got to work determining the cause of the fire.

     This e-mail isn’t just to praise the team yesterday, but to also praise the work that you all do to educate our residents and students.  Madison Fire and Rescue’s work in our schools became evident to me as two children next door, ages 8 and 6, followed all of the things that they learned “when the fire truck came to our school”.  They told an adult, they got out of the house, they ran to neighbor’s houses to warn people of the danger, and they remembered everything that they were taught about calling 911.  This is a testament to your dedication to make our residents, even the smallest residents, prepared in the event of an emergency. 

    Our mission statement is “to provide excellent services through responsible use of public resources, enhancing the quality of life for our community”.  As an employee, I was proud to see this embodied in the excellent work of our fire department yesterday.  As a resident, I’m proud and relieved that we enjoy an incredibly high standard of service and safety from those who protect, serve, educate, and live up to that mission statement each day.

Hope you have a great week…..thanks again for all that you do!


Mayor Finley

In Closing

As always, I will be updating this blog every couple of weeks. Please check back during the the first quarter of 2021 for new information. You can also provide your email address in the box below for a subscription and be notified when the blog is updated  I can be reached at Email Maura or 256.337.2408. Thank you again for your continued support!