First Quarter 2020

Happy New Year Everyone,

Your Mayor and Council are off to a strong start for 2020. We began our year with our annual Connect event. This is in effect our State of the City Address. Mayor Finley gave us all some wonderful news concerning the previous Sequel Three Spring facility. This facility is now vacant and the City of Madison plans to purchase this building complete with approximately 30 acres. During connect we were able to see a couple of videos that our very talented Communication Specialist, Samantha Magnuson, created for us. Quality of Life in Madison and Madison Goes Back to the Future. I hope you enjoy watching them!

Mayor Finley Updates

Weekly Update January 1-12, 2020


I hope all of you made it through the storms yesterday “unscathed.” Thanks as always to Public Works, Madison Police, and Madison Fire for all of their work throughout the day! And thanks to Engineering for all of their work prior to the storm…for the amount of rain we had we experienced minimal flooding! And now, for a few of the high lights for the first two weeks of 2020;

·       Revenue reports that year to date sales tax collections are up 14.01% over the same period last fiscal year. 

·       MPD has worked several “missing juvenile” cases during the past couple of weeks. In an effort to educate the community they created a PSA to proactively address these situations which has been well received.

·       As mentioned above our PW team spent a great deal of time proactively cleaning out ditches and sewer drains to get ready for the storm. No question this paid dividends as we were prepare for the downpour yesterday.

·       Building reported 2019 stats….permitting staff created 3,937 permits and issued 3,746 of them totaling $2,420,513.39, which is an increase of 2.39% compared to 2018. There were 428 single family houses that were issued a Certificate of Occupancy, with an increase of 33.75% compared to 2018. Building Inspectors performed 6,278 inspections with a decrease of 11.17% compared to 2018. And Code Enforcement officers performed 2,114 inspections and re-inspections, with an increase of 71.73% compared to 2018.

·       The IT Department handled 1810 tickets in 2017, 1805 tickets in 2018, and over 2100 tickets in 2019, all with the same quick turn-around we have all come to expect. With multiple office moves in the last couple of weeks they have been especially busy…..thanks guys!

·       Last week alone MPD had over 1150 calls for service

·       Court reports that they opened 94 cases last week, closed 89, and issued 57 warrants.

·       Fire had a meeting last week to discuss the Virtual Reality program with the Elementary School Principals and they are also working with Samantha to create a video of the Magnolia Pointe fire to use as a training opportunity.

·       Fire reports they addressed 108 incident responses this week (avg. 15.43 per day). Of the 103 completed reports 83 were EMS ( 80.58% ) and 20 were Fire / Other (19.42%).

·       The MARS program completed 966 trips in December.

·       We continue to investigate the possibility of Impact Fees and had several meetings and discussions. I will address where we stand at our Monday Council meeting.

Thanks to all of you for your continued focus on our citizens. Let’s have a great week!


Mayor Finley

Weekly Update February 1-17


Hope everyone has enjoyed a great weekend and that you are enjoying President’s Day!

Lots happening in the city over the past couple of weeks…here are just a few of the high lights;

·       Our Public Works team stayed extremely busy during our many rain storms cleaning out ditches and making sure water flowed. Part of the cleanup was the removal of 5 beaver dams along Bradford Creek.

·       Recent commercial announcements for Town Madison include the upscale steakhouse, J. Alexander’s; a 220 room Marriott hotel; Outback restaurant and Panera Bread restaurant.  Construction on the Outback restaurant is expected to begin in February, and it will be the first to open.

·       Recreation reports that the pump for the outdoor pool at Dublin Park has been repaired and the pool is again operational.

·       The baseball/softball fields at Palmer Park are in the process of the being laser leveled and new infield conditioner added. 

·       Our MARS program has averaged 52 trips per day during the past weeks.

·       I attended my 3rd Alabama Strategic Planning Committee meeting for our State School Superintendent’s upcoming 2025 Strategic Plan.

·       Huge kudos to our Court team! In addition to opening 93 cases, closing 138, and issuing 23 warrants they also had to navigate without the Madison County Jail software connection, which has been shut down all week.

·       Toyota Field and our multi-use venue are very close to completion….or at least initial sign off. Huge thanks to Mary Beth Broeren for her continued project management and to fire, police, building, and many others for their hard working in getting us to this point. The project continue to be on budget!

·       Multiple meetings were held with our Madison City Schools officials and ALDOT concerning road infrastructure in and around the city. Projects discussed included Highway 72, Zierdt Road, the I-565/Zierdt Road interchange, and access to the new Madison Middle School among others.

·       Many city officials attended the Madison County State of the Schools event, the last “public” event Robby Parker will preside over as Superintendent. As you can imagine our schools showed extremely well.

·       We are in the final stages of securing the Three Springs facility. Plans are being developed now for community input and a roadmap forward.

·       County Commissioner Haraway and I drafted and sent a letter to ALEA to formally request that our Madison License Satellite Branch add driver license testing.

Let’s get ready for another strong week! Thanks to all of you for everything that you do to continue to make Madison an incredible place to live!


Mayor Finley

Weekly Update February 17-23


The City of Madison had another busy yet productive week…..even with all of the rain!

Here are just a few of our accomplishments.

·       A major milestone for the Multi-Purpose Venue was reached this week when the City approved Substantial Completion and a conditional Certificate of Occupancy.   Ballcorps will begin moving into their new Administrative Offices, and punch list work will continue over the next several weeks.   Thanks to Mary Beth Broeren for her fantastic project management and to all the City staff who have helped with inspections and keeping this project on track.

·       Public Works held a ribbon cutting for the new Public Works facility on Palmer Road. Hopefully everyone will have  a chance to come by and see the new digs soon….what a beautiful (and functional) facility.

·       Public Works focused on fixing potholes this week…to the tune of 175 potholes fixed this week alone!

·       Out Court team had a very busy week opening 90 cases, closing 111, and issuing 45 warrants.

·       The Rotary Club of Madison sponsored a Mardi Gras party on Friday, February 21 at the Senior Center.

·       Our Senior Center reports the MARS program is averaging 50 trips per day in February.

·       Many departments supported Readyfest Saturday at Discovery Middle School. The event was well attended and very beneficial to our community.

·       I attended the ribbon cutting for both Blue Origen and Radiance Technologies….both beautiful buildings in the ever growing Research Park.

·       Our City team conducted multiple meetings to discuss possible Impact Fees. We will be ready for community input at both Wednesday’s work session and our next two city council meetings.

Looking forward to another great week…..thanks again to all of you for your efforts in supporting our community!


Mayor Finley

Weekly Update February 23 – March 1

Good Sunday Afternoon,

Hope everyone is enjoying a fabulous, sunny afternoon…..finally had to find my sunglasses!

Some quick notes about another busy week throughout the city;

·         Several of us attended Robby Parker’s retirement party. There is no question Robby’s 31 years with our Madison City Schools were an impactful part of the District’s success.

·         Court reports they opened 116 cases, closed 119, and issued 24 warrants.

·         Our Public Works CIP team used the wet weather to work with engineering on the design of the Gooch and Gillespie sidewalk projects. When the weather breaks we will be ready!

·         Revenue reports that total sales tax collections for the month of February, 2020 are up 12.32% over collections for the month of February, 2019 and year to date collections are up 13.69% over the same period last fiscal year. 

·         Building reports that they completed 239 building inspections, and issued 207 permits while opening 15 code enforcement cases and picking up 57 signs.

·         Our Fire Education team conducted VR scenarios for 4th and 5th graders at three elementary schools.

·         I met with ALDOT Director Cooper and Curtis Vincent on several issues including the Highway 72 corridor. ALDOT is willing to work with us to minimize impact to our Madison businesses. More meetings to follow but a great start

·         I also attended Chairman Daly’s Limestone County State of the County address last Thursday. It was great to hear the word “partnership” many times and we look forward to working with Jason, Steve, and Chairman Daly to stretch $$$’s and make positive impact.

·         Our Madison Chamber of Commerce held a joint ribbon cutting for six small, home based businesses. It was a great crowd and an innovative way to help each generate exposure.

·         The City held a work session focused on Impact Fees. Multiple community members spoke with many offering suggestions to additions/subtractions, or improvements. We will take this input and define next steps.

·         IT will begin the rollout of the new USB scanning software later today and hope to have all installs completed by the end of next week.

·         Recreation supported Madison Basketball with tournaments throughout the month culminating Saturday with the crowning of division champions. A lot of hard work….a lot of happy kids.

Thanks to all of you for your continued focus on our city and citizens. Let’s have another great week!


Mayor Finley


One area that I am frequently asked about is growth. Many long time residents are concerned about the pace of growth that Madison is currently experiencing. While I certainly can appreciate the sentiment of yearning for days gone by, I also believe that if a City is not growing, it is stagnating or dying. Your Council and Mayor is very cognizant of the growing pains we are currently experiencing. Our school system has shared these concerns with us and with your support were were able to pass a property mileage increase that will address these concerns. I wanted to share with you resources that we have with regard to our Comprehensive or long range planning that we utilize. This includes our Transportation Plan, West Side Master Plan, Parks and Recreation Plan and our Growth Plan as well as our KDA’s (Key Development Area’s). Please click here for more information: Comprehensive-Planning

Wall Triana Multi-Use Path

Construction has begun and the project is on schedule and on budget. completion time should be by August 12, 2020. As mentioned previously the path is on the west side of Wall Triana from the Browns Ferry intersection (across from Kroger) north to the corner of Gillespie and Wall Triana. The path is asphalt and is approximately 8′ wide. Wall Triana has not been closed during construction but there have been areas that will are temporarily one lane with construction crews present so please drive slowly. The IGA on that corner has had some delays but is now back on track and should open soon.

Hughes Road

Hughes Road construction has been delayed due to all of the rain. Just a reminder that we will be widening and repaving Hughes Road from Plaza Drive north to Millsford (to the Wellington subdivision). Hughes Road will be widened to 5 lanes with two north bound and two south bound lanes and a merging lane in the center. Again, at no time will Hughes Road be closed so please use caution when construction crews are present. This project is expected to take 12 to 18 months. We will also be installing a multi use path on the east side of Hughes Road.

Sullivan Street

We have also been delayed with the widening of Sullivan Street to 5 lanes from Spenryn (where the road currently narrows) to Kyser. There will also be an addition of three traffic lights during this stretch of Sullivan Street: West Dublin, Royal and Kyser. Construction of the new apartment complex and retail shops is also on target for opening later this year. Here is a link to learn more about this new, exciting project that will offer luxury, upscale apartments and retail: Sealy Plaza We are also moving the Huntsville Utilities Sub Station to Kyser behind Madison Animal Care Hospital

Mill Creek Greenway Extension

Also as previously mentioned, the Mill Creek Greenway Expansion is moving forward. I had thought we would be completing the Mill Creek Greenway from the corner of Browns Ferry and Balch to the bridge at Bridgefield. At this time the only portion scheduled to be completed is from the parking lot across from the dog park to the parking lot between the Oakstone and Foxfield subdivisions. The final phase will continue from the parking lot north and will wind between the Foxfield and Oakstone subdivisions and continue between the Park Meadow and Bridgefield subdivision ending near Wall Triana. At one time it was also part of The Singing River Trail. This portion is no longer mentioned on their website. Here is a link: Singing River Trail. You can also jump right to the proposed path here: Singing River Trail Map It is my hope that the Mill Creek Greenway Extension from Browns Ferry to near Wall Triana will be completed in the next four years.

Huntsville Times Life Edition

I have received multiple complaints about the Huntsville Life edition of the Huntsville Times newspaper. This is the free newspaper that is thrown at the homes of everyone who is not a Huntsville Times subscriber. Many of you are telling me you immediately throw it in your recycle bin or green trash bin, If you would like to stop delivery of the Huntsville Life paper, please contact with your name and address and you will be removed from the distribution list.

Welcome to Both New Businesses

Please join me in welcoming Culvers to Madison. They are building in the Kroger Shopping Center at the corner of Wall Triana and Browns Ferry Road. The restsurant should be open in the second quarter.

In closing

I will be updating this post periodically during the quarter. As always, I can be reached at Email Maura or 256.337.2408. Thank you again for your continued support!