Fourth Quarter 2019

Hello Everyone,

It is hard to believe that 2019 is drawing to a close. The year has flown by! As mentioned before you have now started to see road improvements within the heart of our City. Hughes Road was repaved from Millsford (near the Wellington subdivision) to just shy of Highway 72. The Wall Triana Multi-Use path Project has started. Barrels are out now for both Sullivan Street and Hughes Road. I am christening 2020 the Year of the Orange Barrel!

Mayor Finley Updates

Weekly Update October 20 to 27, 2019


Let me start by taking full responsibility for the long interval between updates. Sometimes time gets away from us, I will do a better job of keeping up with things.

As you can imagine a lot has transpired over the last week…here are just a few of the high lights;

  • Our Madison Fire and Rescue battled a large apartment fire, quickly and efficiently getting it under control. We don’t have fires often, but when we do this team is ready!
  • Speaking of Fire we received another “kudos” for our Virtual Reality trailer and program.. Our proactive approach is making a huge impact for our kids while also receiving state, and even national attention!
  • We have kicked off our Impact Fee study, analyzing the costs of growth for our city and schools. Areas of focus include police, fire, recreation, public works, infrastructure, our library, and schools.
  • Our Madison Police did an incredible job of follow up after the untimely incident behind the Kroger. Proud of their dedication and hard work in bringing quick closure to a bad situation.
  • IT has now converted our Help Desk software into a mobile/cloud based environment and improved our firewall functionality, both with very positive results.
  • The Dublin Park Parking/Walking Path project is completed.  The road leading to Kids Kingdom is open.  Due to requests from the soccer organizations and several citizens we are going to continue to allow the gate located on Ashley Drive remain open on a trial basis. 
  • Our Senior Center had a pumpkin decorating contest this week with 12 participants.
  • Last Tuesday I had the honor of helping to unearth the time capsule that had been buried 50 years ago at Madison Elementary School. It will be opened today at 2:00.
  • Also, I attended out Madison Chamber’s Best in Business Awards. It was a great night for multiple businesses and individuals and a fantastic showing for our Madison Chamber.
  • Councilman Smith and I attended a meeting with ALDOT to discuss multiple road projects including Balch, Wall Triana/565, Town Madison/Zierdt, and several close outs from previous projects.
  • We continue to work with the owners of Three Springs, working to find a suitable transition for that facility. More meetings next week as we get closer to a positive use.
  • I was one of 40 folks from around the state that supported our State School Superintendent at an all-day strategic planning session. Leaving a again recognized just how special our Madison City Schools are.
  • Several of our team represented Madison at the Regional Collaboration Initiative meeting sponsored by the Committee of 100.

Thanks to all of you for your continued focus on our citizens and city. We are truly making a positive impact!

Let’s have a great week.


Mayor Finley

Weekly Update for October 28 to November 3, 2019


It has been an extremely busy and in many cases, a stressful week. Here are a few of the high lights;

  • Mary Beth Broeren and I met with Commissioner Haraway and a local contractor, hoping that we are able to secure bids for the Palmer Park Upgrade and Home Place Park. Smaller projects such as this are not getting many bidders (and these two none at all) which continue to make it tough for us to accomplish items that have been funded.
  • Yes, it has been just a little cool at City Hall this week. The contractor should be completed with the Boiler Maintenance tomorrow (11-2-19) and the Boiler should be online and fully functional by Monday afternoon.
  • Our Building Inspectors performed 112 inspections, Code Enforcement had 10 re-inspections and picked up 13 signs/banners that were in the R.O.W., and our Permitting Staff created 66 permits and issued 54. All while preparing for and conducting a killer Halloween party!
  • IT installed new wireless hardware in Fire Station #1 and will do the same in FS#2 and #3 over the next couple of weeks.  This will allow them to utilize the new employee-guest system that we have recently started rolling out.
  • It should also be noted that to date IT has supported 1726 Total Work Orders….thank you guys!
  • MPD reports that Officers collected 560 pounds of medications during the Drug Take Back event last Saturday
  • A City team including Captain Wilkerson, Lt. McRae, Mary Beth Broeren, and Gary Chynoweth, met with Ball Corps for discussion concerning baseball circulation and traffic coordination. This sets the stage for a follow up meeting next week with the Breland team to make sure defined requirements are met.
  • Court Opened 84 cases, Closed 108, and issued 9 warrants. Never a dull moment!
  • Madison Baseball Association won the bids for the following 2020 Dizzy Dean Baseball State Tournament.  July 19 -24: 5, 7, and 11 year old tournaments.  June 26-July 1:  6, 8, and 12 year old tournaments.
  • Our Senior Center reports that MARS now has a total of 558 clients.  Staff has placed an order for two new buses for the program that council funded this year.
  • Recreation reports that Youth Basketball practices begin November 4th.  There are a total of 78 teams in the program.
  • Marc Jacobson and I met with the Convention and Visitors Board to listen to the Executive Summary of their recent Strategic Plan update.
  • Mary Beth, Councilman Powell, and Pam Honeycutt from the Chamber led a meeting of our Downtown stakeholders, working to help them find more ways to market historic downtown.
  • Madison Fire and Rescue completed their investigation of the Magnolia Pointe apartment fire. This recap allows them to continue their training process. Overall we did a fantastic job….!
  • Many of you know that we had water damage at Fire Station 1. We are happy to report all repairs to walls and HVAC are complete. Last steps are to paint and replace carpet, which will be done soon.  Emergency funds will NOT be needed
  • Council approved the Limestone County Water Authority Franchise agreement at last week’s meeting. Thanks to Legal for their many hours of leg work to get this in place.
  • Council also approved the Property Tax Transfer agreement, allowing our Madison City Schools to move forward with their school bonds for the new schools.
  • I attended a preview meeting of the Regional Labor Study that was commissioned by the Chambers and the Committee of 100.
  • Chief Bailey, Marc Jacobson, and I met to discuss MFR’s continued work on their strategic plan. Chief delivered some very informative GIS and Training data that will continue to help us make solid decisions going forward.

As I close I want to also ask each of you to take a few extra moments (in your own way) for our Madison Police. Each day that they go out is tough….last Sunday was one that rises to the highest level.

Please enjoy your weekend and remember…many of you asked for a change in season! J

Proud of our team and proud to be your Mayor.


Mayor Finley

Weekly Update for November 3 to 10


Happy Veterans Day!! To each of you who served in our Armed Forces thank you for your service!

Several things of note going on last week…here are just a few;

  • Yet another new restaurant has opened in Madison – Goodland Pour House, a casual restaurant with a gastro pub vibe – on County Line Road, in the Publix Center. I ate there this weekend….enjoyed it thoroughly!
  • The Multi-Purpose Venue continues to track on schedule: the field is fully installed; seating will be complete within a week; construction of the scoreboard is slated to begin; and interior work will continue through January.
  • We had an enlightening work session Wednesday night focused on small cells, Airbnb’s, and an update on our CIP projects. The Wall Triana sidewalk project is moving forward with full steam and the two 5-laning projects are starting up as well. Lots of orange barrels and traffic cones.
  • Chief Jernigan, Captain Wilkerson, and Sgt. Dees attended Mill Creek Elementary “Too Good for Drugs” graduation
  • The contractor completed the Boiler Maintenance but we had a couple other issues with a circulator pump and motor, they both have replacement parts installed and the boiler is running efficiently now. The new parts will be installed when they arrive.
  • Public Works reports that their weekly service request backlog is down to 26 tickets….the lowest I have ever seen! Thanks to our PW team for getting things done!
  • Revenue reports total sales tax collections for the month of October, 2019 are up 10.84% over collections for the month of October, 2018 and year to date collections are up 10.84% over the same period last fiscal year as well since we are into the new fiscal year. 
  • I had the honor of attending the “5+5” Mayor’s meeting last weekend in Mobile. Areas discussed included internet sales tax, public safety, and many other issues that will be handled in the 2020 Legislative Session.
  • Mary Beth and I attended a work session meeting on Zierdt Road. Hopefully we were able to get to the bottom of a couple of things that will help us continue to move this project forward.
  • Several city personnel supported the United Way’s “Read for the Record” campaign.

We will all be back at it Tuesday…let’s make this “short week” as productive as we can.

Thanks for all you do to help make Madison a great place to live!


Mayor Finley

Weekly Update for December 1 to 31

Happy Friday!! Thought I would share a few of the high lights from our busy month of December.

  • Our Public Works team has been busy moving into their new facility. Lots of space…lots of added functionality. Stop by soon to take a look for yourself!
  • Various smaller projects are in the final stages of approval: a remodel of the gas station in front of Wal-Mart on Madison Blvd., a new car wash on Sullivan St., an expansion of the Animal Health Care Center on County Line Rd., a new Dunkin’ (donuts) on County Line Rd., and an Outback on Zierdt Rd.-the first restaurant proposed in Town Madison.
  • The Palmer Park Phase 1 project was approved to move forward by City Council. Building off of the work PW and Commissioner Haraway accomplished this summer we will now see 3 new soccer fields, parking lot, dog parks, and concession/bathroom facilities come to life over the next few months.
  • Our Madison Police Department kicked off the Caught Doing Good Deeds Campaign for December and they have continued to hand out “awards” to citizens they catch doing good deeds for our community.
  • The Society of the Sons of the American Revolution Tennessee Valley Chapter provided Law Enforcement commendation medals to officers Troy Vickers and Blake Bell and Life Saving Awards to Officers Elam Wallace and Andrew Slaughter in a December ceremony at the Huntsville Downtown Library
  • Our Madison Christmas Parade was a huge success with 65 entries. Thanks to our Rec team, MPD, Public Works, and many others who helped make this a huge success.
  • I attended an on-site briefing at the new Mazda-Toyota site. They will build about 300,000 units per year (150,000 each of Mazda/Toyota) with one coming off the line every 83 seconds. There will be 500-600 trucks coming into the plant each day and they will have two shifts (7a.m.-3:45p.m. and 7p.m.-3:45a.m.). They currently have about 800 construction workers on site now increasing to 2,500 in the upcoming month. Lastly, they are still on track for a Spring 2021 opening.
  • Our HR Department led by Kelly Rolin conducted another great employee luncheon. Great food, great prizes….thanks for all of your hard work!
  • Public Works finished the Palmer Road sidewalk project connecting County Line to Palmer Park for a little over $31,000. Our outside estimate for that work was $150,000…..!
  • Toyota Field continues to take shape and Trash Panda mania continues as Ballcorps announced they went over the $2,000,000 in merchandise sales.

Hope everyone has a great weekend….please stay weather alert and safe! Thanks for all you continue to do for our city and citizens.


Mayor Finley

Wall Triana Multi-Use Path

As previously mentioned, Wall Triana Multi-Use Path was approved by Council in a 6-1 vote. Construction has begun and completion time is 12 to 18 months. The path will be on the west side of Wall Triana from the Browns Ferry intersection (across from Kroger) north to the corner of Gillespie and Wall Triana. The path will be asphalt, approximately 8′ wide and will also use the existing path. Wall Triana will not be closed during construction but there may be areas that will be temporally one lane with construction crews present so please use caution. The IGA on that corner has had some delays but is now back on track and should hopefully open by the end of the year.

Hughes Road

Hughes Road construction has begun with the placement of the previously mentioned orange barrels. We will be widening and repaving Hughes Road from Plaza Drive north to Millsford (to the Wellington subdivision). Hughes Road will be widened to 5 lanes with two north bound and two south bound lanes and a merging lane in the center. Again, at no time will Hughes Road be closed so please use caution when construction crews are present. This project is expected to take 12 to 18 months.

Sullivan Street

On November 4th we began the widening construction of Sullivan Street to 5 lanes from Spenryn (where the road currently narrows) to Kyser. There will also be an addition of three traffic lights during this stretch of Sullivan Street: West Dublin, Royal and Kyser. You may have seen the building construction of the new apartment complex and retail shops. Here is a link to learn more about this new, exciting project that will offer luxury, upscale apartments and retail: Sealy Plaza

Mill Creek Greenway Extension

Also as previously mentioned, the Mill Creek Greenway Expansion is moving forward. I had thought we would be completing the Mill Creek Greenway from the corner of Browns Ferry and Balch to the bridge at Bridgefield. At this time the only portion scheduled to be completed is from the parking lot across from the dog park to the parking lot between the Oakstone and Foxfield subdivisions. The final phase will continue from the parking lot north and will wind between the Foxfield and Oakstone subdivisions and continue between the Park Meadow and Bridgefield subdivision ending near Wall Triana. At one time it was also part of The Singing River Trail. This portion is no longer mentioned on their website. Here is a link: Singing River Trail. You can also jump right to the proposed path here: Singing River Trail Map

Parks and Recreation Price Increases

For the first time in over 20 years our Parks and Recreation Department will have price increases for membership, room and pool rentals effective January 1, 2020. Please click for more information: Madison Parks and Recreation Facility Rental and Membership fees will be effective 1/2020: Parks & Rec Fee Schedule

City Coin Presentation

On October 23rd I had the honor of presenting the City Coin to the Bob Jones Air Force JROTC Instructors. These instructors have impacted hundreds of your lives in Madison. Many have gone on to attend the different Military Academies, attend college and participate in ROTC and then enter the Military as an officer. Many have also enlisted into the different branches of our Armed Services. It was an honor to present the City Coin to Lt. Col. Randy Herd, Major Melissa Lacey and Chief Master Sargent Ellis Clark. They have truly changed the lives of many of our young citizens. BJAFROTC Recognition

Welcome to Both New and Returning Businesses

Please join me in welcoming Shrimp Basket and Goodland Pour House to Madison. After a long absence we welcome back Golden China. They are in the Publix Shopping Center not far from where they used to be. They were missed and we are thrilled to have these three wonderful restaurants in our hometown!

Time Capsule Celebration

On Sunday, October 27, the contents of the Time Capsule buried in 1969 were unveiled at Madison Elementary school. Here is a list of the contents: Time Capsule

Christmas Parade

The annual Madison Christmas Parade will be Saturday, December 14th at 5:30. The parade route will start at Hughes and Plaza Road and will end in Downtown Madison. Here’s the link for more information: Madison Christmas Parade.

In closing

I will be updating this post periodically during the quarter. As always, I can be reached at Email Maura or 256.337.2408. Thank you again for your continued support!