First Quarter 2019

Happy New Year Everyone!

I am sorry I missed posting for the fourth quarter of 2018 so I will try and catch up here.

The Singing River Trail

I am excited to announce The Singing River Trail will be winding through Madison! Part of the newest portion will continue the Mill Creek Greenway at the intersection of Browns Ferry Road and Balch Roard winding between the Foxfield and Oakstone subdivisions and continuing between the Park meadow and Mill Creek subdivision ending near Wall Triana. You can read more about it here:Singing River Trail. You can also jump right to the proposed path here: Singing River Trail Map

Town Madison

Town Madison has made a number of announcements in the last several months. You can read more about them here:West End Town Madison There will be several new, exciting announcements coming soon!

Connect 2019

We had another wonderful evening of celebrating Madison’s success over 2019. Under the Saturn 5 Mayor Finley shared our success for 2018 and our future for 2019. I have two videos to share with credit to the fabulous Samantha Magnuson, our Communications Specialist. The first highlights our Region and specifically Madison’s impact in this area. You can watch it here: Puzzle and Regional Interviews.

Council and Mayor also had a fun (though chilly at Palmer Park) time having an interview session. This was a fun way to see our different personalities. You can watch that one here:Council Baseball Interview.

Mayor Finley Updates

Every week (or there about) Mayor Finley sends the entire City staff an update. I will be posting these on my Maura For District 1 Facebook page. Here is the link: Maura For District 1.

Wall Triana Multi-Use Path

The Wall Triana Multi-Use Path continues to move forward. The latest update as of February 18th is that the bids will go out in March/April with construction to be in the March to December time frame.I will continue to keep you posted on this exciting project that will benefit so many in the heart of our City!

City Coin

On February 11th I had the honor and privilege of giving Superintendent Robby Parker our City Coin. You can read more about this by clicking on this link:  Robby Parker receives City Coin 

In closing

I will be updating this post periodically during the quarter. As always, I can be reached at Email Maura or 256.337.2408. Thank you again for your continued support!