First Quarter 2018

Hello Everyone,

As you have seen and heard, your City Government has been hard at work looking for new opportunities to increase our funding to support infrastructure, our schools and quality of life in Madison.

Multi-Use Venue

Much has been written and shared with our citizens regarding our pursuit of a multi-use venue in Madison, specifically at Town Madison. This venue will offer Madison many opportunities to increase both our tax base and our quality of life. In addition to the opportunity of Minor League Baseball, this venue could hold both Bob Jones and James Clemens prom and sports banquets, company gatherings, musical events and many other opportunities. To view a feasibility study regarding market analysis on building a ball park venue in our area, click here Feasibility Study. To view Mayor Finley’s presentation detailing funding and the impact this will have on our City, click here Mayor Finley’s Presentation.

I would like to express my thanks to those of you who have sent me a text, email or spoken with me in person about your thoughts about pursuing this venture. I understand your frustration that this information may not have been shared completely or in a timely manner. This is because of the very nature of the confidentiality of this project. There are many moving parts and because of the scope of this project it has had to be done this way. The two most common concerns I’ve received are, “Why don’t we just give the school system $46,000,000 so they can build the schools we need?” Well, to put it simply we can’t. To justify securing a bond for any project we have to show a revenue stream. A school will not provide that. The second most common concern is, “The Stars failed. Why do you think another team will succeed?” Well, simply put, the Stars didn’t fail. They were in Huntsville for over 30 years and their out of town ownership failed them. Their stadium deteriorated and promotions ceased. Safeguards are being put in to place to insure that this will not happen in Madison.

This project will have a positive impact in spurring Town Madison on. This venue will be much more than a stadium. It will be a community gathering spot that will host a variety of different events. Our City has grown and will continue to grow at a rate that is difficult to support financially. Our School System is bursting at the seams and our infrastructure is in dire need of funds to make improvements. This venue will give the City of Madison a greater opportunity to support our schools, infrastructure and quality of life.

***Added 2/14. Please read Mayor Finley’s responses addressing comments and concerns. Mayor Finley’s Letter to Madison Residents .

Connect 2018

Mayor Finley hosted our annual State of the City Connect 2018 event on Friday, January 19th. During the event we had an opportunity to watch a fun video highlighting the spouses of your City Council. Click here to watch the video The First Housewives of Madison and Ron.
My thanks to the very talented Phil Schmidt with Fantastic Plastic for producing this video!

Madison’s School Growth Committee Report

The Madison’s School Growth Committee has completed an interim report. You can read it here. School Growth Committee Report

Superintendent Parker also shared the MCS 10 year vision plan. You can read more about that here. MCS 10 Year Plan

Three Springs/Sequal Update

At Monday night’s (2/12) Council meeting, we will be receiving Resolution No. 2018-45-R Setting a Public Hearing Regarding Business License of Sequel TSI Holdings, LLC (Three Springs Facility) from our Legal Department. This is not the Public Hearing but is the Resolution setting the Public Hearing. I will keep you all informed and will let you know the date of the Public Hearing as soon as it is set. I believe that will be following the Resolution. Thank you all for your patience in this matter.

In closing

I will be updating this post periodically during the quarter. As always, I can be reached at Email Maura or 256.337.2408. Thank you again for your continued support!