Fourth Quarter 2017 Update

Hello everyone and Happy Fall! I have decided to update my blog every two months now. The first year it was pretty easy to post about everything. Now I am going to hit the high points.

Happy Veteran’s Day!

Happy Veteran’s Day and Heroes Week to all our Military Personnel! I had the honor and privilege of attending the Hogan YMCA Veteran’s Day Breakfast where I met two American Heroes, Sherwin Callander (who was at Pearl Harbor) and Warren Schmidt. I will forever treasure this photo of us! .

On Wednesday of Heroes Week, I was honored to serve at the Wounded Warrior’s Luncheon held annually at Asbury UMC. I will never forget meeting these true American Heroes and their families. I also participated in the Veteran’s Day Breakfast and Parade in Huntsville. It was a beautiful day for the parade and I was thrilled to see so many people come out and cheer for our Veteran’s and Active Duty Personnel.

Mayor Finley’s Weekly Report for October 1-15

Good Afternoon Team,

It has been a quiet week (for the most part) here in Madison with the schools on Fall Break and many taking time off.  With that said we still have plenty of things to share including;

  • Our Madison Street Festival was a HUGE success.  At least 30,000 people enjoyed a beautiful day….thanks to all of the city personnel that supported this event!
  • The City of Madison was awarded the Outstanding Plan Award for a Plan or Planning Program at the State’s 2017 Planning Conference, held in Birmingham, on Oct. 5th.  The City received the award for the West Side Master Plan, which was a joint effort of staff, a steering committee, appointed and elected officials and citizen input.
  • Our public works team went above and beyond the call of duty to support the Eagle Scout project that is being done on Ashley Way.  When done this park will be revitalized…thanks guys for a job well done.
  • We christened our new Fire truck Ladder #1 last week.  It is now fully in service, supporting our citizens on a daily basis.
  • We finalized our route for the Christmas parade.  While the past route will remain the same and end in historic Downtown multiple other changes will be implemented, helping to make the parade safer.  Thanks to Gayle & Kory for their flexibility and multiple others for their input.
  • I had the pleasure of representing both the City of Madison and the Tennessee Valley at the AUSA (Association of the United States Army) Conference this week in Washington DC.  The time up there included multiple meetings with existing local contractors, target companies, multiple AMC & other Army folks, and even a meeting with Deputy Chief of Staff to the President Rick Dearborn.  After listening to multiple presentations it is safe to say that the Army & Missile defense communities see Redstone Arsenal as a major player with continued growth to come.
  • As of Thursday, October 12th, the Revenue Department has issued 5,710 business licenses for 2017.  This total is 9 more licenses than were issued for the entire year 2016.
  • We held a successful pre-bid conference meeting for our upcoming bulk trash bid and are on track for November 13th award date and March 1, 2018 start date.
  • I attended a meeting with Mr. Nagesh Singh, General Consul of India for the Southeastern US along with other community members.  We discussed both community relations and economic development opportunities for Madison and the surrounding area.

The weather looks great for the next few days….please be safe and have a great weekend.


Mayor Finley

Weekly Update from Mayor Finley for October 16-22


What a fantastic week of weather which hopefully will lead into another great weekend.  Several key pieces of information to share including;

  • The City is pleased to see site work begin for Ace Hardware on Hughes across from City Hall.
  • We also are seeing other projects that demonstrate a continued investment in Madison.   Recently approved projects include an expansion of the McDonald’s on Madison Boulevard, a new 4,200 sq. ft. auxiliary warehouse building to be located at the corner of Bradley and Short for Madison Station Antiques, and an expansion of the Sherwin Williams store on Highway 72.  Staff is also working on numerous other projects in various stages of due diligence and project design.
  • Shelton Road has been restriped by our Public Works team improving safety.  In addition the four flashing speed lights on the 90 degree corners of Shelton Road have been installed and are fully functional.
  • Our code enforcement team removed 75 ROW signs this week.  This is the first time in months that we have had this amount still out there after Monday.  We will work to let our builder and realtor community know.
  • Parks and Recreation will begin operation of the haunted house in partnership with Insanity Skate Park beginning Friday, October 20, 2017.  The haunted house will be in operation every Friday and Saturday up to and including Halloween.
  • The General Contractor portion of the Air Structure project bid will be advertised this upcoming Sunday, October 22, 2017.  As of right now the project is scheduled for completion by the end of December.
  • The Recreation staff is working on various maintenance projects to improve existing Palmer Park.  The projects include repairing fencing, repairs to concession buildings, blacktop overlay at the upper quad, and painting.  All of these items were included in the 17/18 budget.  We anticipate starting these projects this fall and completing them by the spring sports season.
  • Claudia Bucher represented the United Way and gave a brief presentation to our department heads this week to discuss the annual giving campaign.  Claudia and team will now be coming to every department over the next couple of weeks to talk with our employees.
  • Three Springs conducted another community meeting this week to discuss the safety and communication progress they have made.  Community members were able to ask many questions and we will meet again next month.
  • Our team participated in multiple “Town Madison/Destination Spot” meetings this week which proved to be incredibly productive.
  • Our sign consultant Wendy Moeller has finished her first draft of the new sign ordinance and she will present this Monday night to City Council for feedback.
  • Mia Powers and Mariela Ruiz in HR attended an all-day LGHIP session in Birmingham, in preparation for the upcoming open enrollment period for employee insurance.  Employees will be receiving more information soon, in November.
  • Captain Cook spoke at the Madison Senior Center on crime prevention and scam avoidance.
  • Multiple city personnel and staff supported the BJHS Homecoming Parade Thursday.  Thanks to everyone for their hard work in planning this event….great day for Madison!

As I close I again want to thank all of you for your hard work throughout the week.  I know I only touch on a few of the high lights that go on throughout the week.  Most of you simply do your job supporting the city as a small piece of a big puzzle.  Please know you are appreciated and that as a city we continue to make solid progress as a collective team.

Keep up that great work and hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!


Mayor Finley

Weekly Update From Mayor Finley for October 22 – November 4


We had a great couple of weeks….here are just some of the high lights.

  • We finished the month of October with general fund sales taxes up 6.58% over the same month last year.
  • The month of October had 2,620 taxes returns filed online.  This is the first time over 2,600.
  • Police Officer Coleby Pressnell received the Partnership for a Drug Free Community Law Enforcement Award at the Partnership Luncheon….Congratulations Coleby!
  • Our Madison Police Foundation hosted their 3rd Annual Halloween Bash at Insanity Skate Park Complex.
  • Recreation, led by Bonnie Ayers, has focused on disposing of equipment that was no longer operational and sitting in Palmer Park.  To date over $52,000 has been collected on the govdeals website.
  • The Transportation Master Plan Steering Committee held their second meeting to discuss traffic model development and evaluation criteria.   The Committee’s next meeting will review traffic model results due to future growth and a list of needed improvements.
  • Staff participated in a number of meetings for the Town Madison project, continuing to evaluate and guide so that this project can best be developed to meet the City’s goals.
  • Multiple departments supported a Chili Cook-off at City Hall.  We had 20 entries, each was great but only one could be named best.  Congratulations Angie Markopoulos!!
  • We had our first meeting with a small group of Madison residents who want to help the city with Grant writing.  We will continue to meet, looking for opportunities to support departments with technical writing along with looking at community “pots of money” that we might be able to utilize to support the city.
  • I had the honor of representing the City at the Madison Chamber’s Best in Business Awards.
  • I also attended the Army Material Commands Board of Director’s Update meeting, gaining valuable insight into upcoming happening on Redstone Arsenal.
  • Public Works cut out and repaired trench failures along both Westminster Way and Carnette Drive to prepare for neighborhood paving.
  • Madison was awarded the bid for three Dizzy Dean state tournaments.  The U6, U7, U11, U13, U14, and U16 tournaments.  Tournaments will take place over two weekends (June 29-July 3 and July 6-10, 2018).
  • Led by Lt. Kamus MPD officers collected over 700 pounds of assorted drugs during the “Drug Take Back” Event at City Hall.
  • As you are most likely already aware resurfacing of Hughes Road has begun and should be finished by next week.
  • Just Serve planting 1600 trees for us yesterday as part of our clean water efforts. Thanks to Karen Denzine and Gayle Milam for coordinating the event. Thanks also to Public Works for storing and transporting the trees and providing standby assistance. The work will be done in the detention basins built as part of the Garner Street drainage project.
  • The contract  for the sidewalk around the movie theater has been executed. The notice to proceed will be delayed a couple months to allow the Contractor to efficiently schedule his work.
  • In concert with the Industrial Development Board, the City will kick off its study of the Industrial Area in the coming week with its first Steering Committee meeting.  This study will include a market analysis to identify opportunities to strengthen and grow the employment base in the city.
  • I attended the HEALS “Dancing with the Stars” annual event at the VBC.  HEALS is one of the organizations supported by the United Way and the event raised over $300,000.
  • Many in our City attended the YMCA Veterans Prayer Breakfast.

This week is “Veterans Week” in the Tennessee Valley, culminating with the Veterans Day Parade in Huntsville Friday.  Thank you to all of our Veterans!!

Hope you have a fantastic week!


Mayor Finley

Mayor Finley’s Weekly Update for November 26 to December 3


I hope everyone has had a great weekend.  Wanted to take a quick minute and update you on many of the happenings throughout the city including;

  • The City completed another step in helping Town Madison become a reality with the City Council’s approval of new zoning standards and rezoning 106 acres of the area with the new standards.
  • City Council approved investment in public infrastructure to facilitate a new mixed use project in the downtown area.  Improvements will include utilities, roadway, park and sidewalk installation and upgrades.  Once the project has all of its approvals, it is anticipated that it will be complete within two years, bringing 140-160 livability units in addition to 10,000-12,000 feet of retail.
  • City Council also approved two services contracts directly associated with Town Madison and the possibility of a multi-use venue that support baseball.
  • Melvin Malone, Matt Rodgers, Kevin Bailey and John Gallaway got pinned for their recent promotions at Council meeting.
  • We conducted multiple internal and external meetings directly associated with baseball and Town Madison.
  • The Industrial Development Board approved a number of incentives for Accurate Machine & Tool Corporation.  This is an existing Madison business that will be adding a 12,000 sq. ft. building to increase its operations.  The business expects to add approximately 20 jobs.
  • Total sales tax collections for the month of November, 2017 were down 0.03% over collections for the month of November, 2016.
  • We are at about 90% completion of the new boiler and waiting on delivery of certain ducts/fittings. These items had to be custom built to adhere to the already existing piping and framework. Thanks to Dustin and team for their hard work in getting this done.
  • The Building Inspection team completed 264 building inspections last week.
  • A total 75 groups submitted for the Christmas parade totaling 178 entries on December 9, 2017.
  • Youth Basketball games began December 1st.  This is a huge undertaking by our Recreation department….let’s have a great season!.
  • We conducted our second “Grant Writing Team” meeting and enjoyed a presentation from TARCOG.  This group of community volunteers will focus on supporting the city in applying for various grants.
  • I had the pleasure of representing the city at both the Redstone Arsenal Community Update and “Behind the Gates” tour.  It is simply incredible to see and hear all that is going on and we must be ready for continued growth in the upcoming years.
  • Chief Jernigan and Councilwoman Wroblewski attending the Three Springs/Sequel community meeting.
  • The smoke you have seen coming from Fire Station 1 during the past few days was Fireground training with the Mobile Fire Trailer from the Alabama Fire College.
  • Gary Chynoweth, Kent Smith, and Councilman Smith met with a contingent from the Rolling Meadows subdivision to obtain input on drainage issues.

I look forward to see everyone at next week’s luncheon.  Please have a great week and thanks for all that you do to make our city better.


Mayor Finley


The much anticipated roundabout at the intersection of Balch and Gillespie will begin construction in 2018. A firm date has not been set yet. In addition to the roundabout we will be widening to 13’ Balch Road from Mill to just north of Gillespie. Here is a prototype of the roundabout:

I expect construction will last most of 2018 and maybe in to 2019 depending on start day and weather. Much like Browns Ferry from Wall Triana to Balch it will be great when it is completed!

Three Springs Facility

Your Community leaders have had two meetings at Three Springs. The administration has added an alarm system and also a cell phone monitoring system. We continue to meet monthly to express our concerns and learn of staff improvements.

Animal Shelter

I conducted a poll on Facebook about the interest in improving the animal shelter that we have in Madison. This is a picture of the current shelter. My thanks to all that participated and to those that have contacted me about improving conditions. You can read the poll results here Animal Shelter Poll.

Christmas Parade

The Christmas Parade will be Friday, December 9th from 5:30 to 7:30. I believe it will begin at Portal and end on Wall Triana in the same pattern as the Madison Street Festival. If you can’t make it to the parade be sure and go down Church Street and see Christmas Card Lane. Our local artists are very talented and it is a great way to get in to the Christmas spirit!

Town Madison

Town Madison is showing continued progress. There has been extensive construction work on the infrastructure. As you may have heard your City Leaders are looking at the viability and opportunity of bringing a Minor League Baseball Team to Town Madison. This possible stadium will be a multi purpose venue that can hold large corporate gatherings, City events such as Connect and even our own Bob Jones and James Clemens High School Graduations! You can read more about that here: Town Madison Update.

Pulse Point

The Pulse Point app has been publicly launched in our community. This is a lifesaving CPR and AED app for your phone It’s available now for download on Google Play and at the I Tunes App Store. Please watch the video below to learn more about PulsePoint. Also, lease consider downloading this lifesaving app! While First Responders may be minutes away those first few seconds of a cardiac event are critical to a positive outcome.

Pulse Point

From my family to yours we wish you a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!